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Setting up shared persistent storage

Before you can install Cloud Pak for Data, you must set up shared persistent storage on your Red Hat® OpenShift® cluster.

Tip: For information about supported storage providers, see Storage considerations.

Ensure that the services that you plan to install on Cloud Pak for Data can use the storage that you use. For details, see Storage requirements.

Select your storage type and complete the steps to set up storage.

Storage type What to do
Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage
To install OpenShift Container Storage, see the Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage documentation.
Post-installation set up
No additional set up is required.
Determine which version of Portworx you plan to use:
Post-installation set up
You must configure the required storage classes. For details, see Creating Portworx storage classes
Refer to the installation documentation for your NFS storage provider.
Post-installation set up
You must set up dynamic storage and configure your storage. For details, see Setting up NFS storage
IBM Cloud File Storage
When you configure your Red Hat OpenShift cluster, ensure that you select one of the following IBM Cloud File Storage storage classes:
  • ibmc-file-gold-gid
  • ibm-file-custom-gold-gid
Post-installation set up
No additional configuration is required to use IBM Cloud File Storage. However, you might need to adjust your I/O and storage size settings for production workloads, as indicated in the Storage comparison table.