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Importing a project (Watson Studio)

You can create a project that is preloaded with assets by importing the project:

  • From a local file

    You can import a project from a file on your local system only if the ZIP file that you select was exported from Watson Studio as a compressed file.

  • From a Git repository

    You can import project assets from a Git repository if your project is created with Git integration. You can choose to continue using the Git repository after project creation for project synchronization or to only import assets without associating the project with the Git repository. See Git integration.

After the project import is completed, you can view the project import summary to check whether all the assets were successfully imported. The status of a project import is also tracked on the project’s Overview page. Check the project readme on the Overview page of the project for information about the analytics use case of the added assets and the applied data analysis methods.

Before you begin working with the imported assets in your new project, you should check for missing credentials, for example in notebooks and data connections, to enable successful relinking between project assets.

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