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Managing business terms for the business glossary (Watson Knowledge Catalog)

You can create business terms that fit to your organization’s terminology when defining policies. Business terms are artifacts that you can create, view, edit, rename, publish, delete, import, or export.

All users can view published business terms, but to author business terms, you must have the Manage governance artifact permission or be assigned as an author in the workflow that controls business terms.

Open Organize > Data and AI governance > Business Terms, then click New business term and select one of the available options to create a new business term. Depending on how you create the terms, you can then decide to:

  • Save the business terms as a draft.
  • Send the business terms for approval. See Workflow.

You can directly create a business term, import business terms from a CSV file, extract terms from PDF files, or generate terms from assets.

To generate business terms from assets, you need the Manage governance artifacts permission.
Tech preview This is a technology preview and is not yet supported for use in production environments.

  1. Click Generate from assets.
  2. Select the assets you want to use.
  3. View and modify the terms that result from your selection.
  4. Create or choose a category to which you want to add the selected terms.
  5. Click Submit.

When you work on a business term:

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