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Working with Db2 Data Gate databases

If your administrator created a IBM® Db2 for z/OS® Data Gate instance in your IBM Cloud Pak for Data cluster, you can work with Db2 or Db2 Warehouse to access the database populated by Db2 Data Gate.

When the Db2 Data Gate instance was defined, your administrator specified whether the workload would be transactional or analytical:
  • Transactional workloads use IBM Db2 as a target database
  • Analytical workloads use IBM Db2 Warehouse as a target database

The Db2 Data Gate instance Details page lists the name of the target database for the Db2 Data Gate instance. Access information for the target database is available from the instance details page for the named target database.

The instance details page for the target database shows the user ID, password, and JDBC Connection URL (among other information) for the database. You can access the details page for each target database from the My instances page or from the "Collect > My Data page.