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Configuring network access between Db2 Data Gate and IBM Z®

Synchronizing data requires a secure TCP/IP network connection between the Db2 for z/OS® source system and the Db2 Data Gate instance on IBM® Cloud Pak for Data. Network bandwidth and speed impacts overall performance.

For optimal performance, at least a 10 Gigabit Ethernet connection is suggested between the Z System and the IBM Cloud Pak for Data system.

Db2 Data Gate requires a secure port be enabled on the z/OS LPAR and be accessible through the firewall. Port 448 is the default secure DRDA port for Db2 for z/OS client connections. Db2 Data Gate uses this port:
  • To update information in Db2 configuration tables
  • As the listening port for Db2 Data Gate to read the Db2 Data Gate log

A remote connection must be permitted on every Db2 member that Db2 Data Gate connects to on a z/OS LPAR.

Db2 Data Gate reads Db2 for z/OS log records through a REST interface. The connection used for data transfer must be encrypted using SSL. Db2 for z/OS supports encrypted connections through the SECPORT parameter and AT-TLS to support encryption on the SECPORT.

The following z/OS and TCP/IP components and configuration are required:
  • TCP/IP must specify a TTLS policy
  • Policy agent (PAGENT)
  • ICSF (IBM Encryption Facility for z/OS)
  • RACF® - to generate a server certificate and install to the keyring store