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Setting up node affinity for Data Virtualization

You can label Cloud Pak for Data compute nodes for affinity to schedule the Data Virtualization main pods (dv-engine and dv-worker) to these nodes. This is an optional task.

About this task

Data Virtualization optionally supports adding a node affinity to require that the service main pods prioritize scheduling to the labeled nodes, subject to resource availability. For more information, see Advanced scheduling and node affinity in the Red Hat® OpenShift® documentation.

Perform these steps for each compute node that you plan to dedicate to the Data Virtualization service. These steps use Red Hat OpenShift CLI commands. The node_name variable is the name of a compute node to host the main pods for the Data Virtualization service.


  1. Get a list of nodes available in your OpenShift cluster:
    oc get nodes
  2. Label the node:
    oc label node node_name dv-dedicated=dv