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Uploading CSV files for use in data transformation jobs

You upload local CSV files to the engine pod of IBM® Cloud Pak for Data to make the files available to use in data transformation jobs.

About this task

To use local CSV files in data transformation jobs, you must first upload the files to the engine pod of Cloud Pak for Data.


  1. Log in to the computer where you are running Cloud Pak for Data.
  2. Copy the CSV file into the engine pod at the location /home/dsadm:
    oc cp inputFile.txt is-en-conductor-0:/home/dsadm
  3. Create a job in Cloud Pak for Data, then select the Transform option. Then, configure the source file of the job with the file path you used in Step 3.
    • Select the Properties tab of the details card for the source on the job canvas, then enter the file path in the File name field. Then, click OK.


When you compile and run the job, the CSV file can now be used.