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Setting up your registry server

To install Cloud Pak for Data, you must have a registry server where you can host the images for the Cloud Pak for Data control plane and the services that you want to install.

Using your existing registry server
If you have an existing registry server, you can use it, provided that it is in close proximity to the Red Hat® OpenShift® cluster where you will deploy Cloud Pak for Data. If your registry server is not in close proximity to your OpenShift cluster, you might notice performance issues. Also, before the Cloud Pak for Data installation, ensure that pull secrets are created in the OpenShift project and are linked to the service accounts. You will need to properly manage these pull secrets.
Using the Red Hat OpenShift internal registry
Alternatively, you can use the internal registry in your Red Hat OpenShift cluster. This option is recommended because it does not require you to manage pull secrets. For information on the internal registry, see:
Ensure that you can access the registry externally: