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Setting up Portworx storage

If you decide to use Portworx for storage, you can either use your existing Portworx storage (version or later required) or you can use the entitled Portworx instance that is included with IBM® Cloud Pak for Data.

If you are using your existing Portworx storage, your configuration must support dynamic storage provisioning with ReadWriteMany access on the persistent volumes.

If you are using the entitled Portworx instance, the files that you need to set up Portworx are included in the Cloud Pak for Data package on IBM Passport Advantage®. For details, see Obtaining the installation files.

About this task

Use the following table to determine which tasks you must complete based on your environment:

Task Existing Portworx storage Entitled Portworx instance
Planning for Portworx Recommended Required
Installing the entitled Portworx instance Not applicable Required
Creating Portworx storage classes Required Required

To set up Portworx storage, complete the required tasks for your environment: