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Installing the Data Refinery add-on

You can install the Data Refinery add-on on top of IBM® Cloud Pak for Data.


  1. SSH into the master node (master-1) of your cluster as root:
    ssh root@MASTER_1_IP
  2. Change to the /modules directory in your installer files partition. For example, /ibm/modules.
  3. Use the mkdir command to create a subdirectory called refinery.
  4. Download the appropriate file from IBM Passport Advantage:
    • Enterprise Edition and Cloud Native Edition: WSPre_Data_Refinery_Vnnn.bin
  5. Change to the directory where the file was downloaded and make the BIN file executable:
    chmod +x WSPre_Data_Refinery_Vnnn.bin
  6. Run the BIN file:

    This downloads the following TAR file to the ibm/modules directory: data_refinery.tar.

  7. Move the data_refinery.tar file to the refinery subdirectory:
    mv /ibm/modules/data_refinery.tar /ibm/modules/refinery/
  8. Change to the /ibm/InstallPackage/components directory.
  9. Run the script to deploy the add-on:
    ./ /ibm/modules/refinery/data_refinery.tar
  10. Confirm that the add-on appears in the following directory: /ibm/InstallPackage/modules/refinery.

What to do next

For more information on using the add-on, see Refine data sets.