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Watson Assistant add-on

Use the Watson™ Assistant add-on to build your own branded assistant into any device, application, or channel. Your assistant can connect to the customer engagement resources you already use to deliver an engaging, unified problem-solving experience.

Extension required This feature is available only if your administrator configures the Watson Assistant add-on.

The graphical tools that are provided with the product guide you through the steps of developing the training data that Watson Assistant needs to build a customized machine learning model for you. Use the dialog builder tool to write a script for your assistant to follow when it interacts with your customers. The script keys off the customer goals you identify and returns a useful response that is crafted by you. For more complex customer queries, the assistant can search external data sources and return any useful information that it finds as its response.

The product does not currently include built-in integrations for deploying the finished assistant or metrics for analyzing conversations that your assistant is having with your users. Such deployment and metrics features are available only from the public cloud version of Watson Assistant.

Getting started

To get started with the service, see the following links:

Creating and accessing a service instance

  1. Navigate to your IBM Cloud Pak for Data instance and log in.

    By default, the URL is https://host name:31843.

  2. From the main navigation, select My instances. If an instance is already provisioned, continue with the next step. If not, first provision an instance:
    1. Open the Add-ons page by click the Add-ons link.
    2. Find the add-on service on the page, click the options icon and select Provision instance.
  3. On the Provisioned instances tab, to the right of the service instance, click the ellipses icon (…) and select Open.
  4. Click the instance.
  5. Depending on the service, complete the appropriate steps:
    Option Steps
    For services that have graphical interfaces Click Launch tool
    For services that have APIs Use the credentials to make calls to the API

Adding users to the service instance

  1. Open the service instance.
  2. Click the Users tab.
  3. Click Add user to add Cloud Pak for Data users to this service instance.