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Extending Cloud Pak for Data with streaming analytics

You can develop and run applications that process in-flight data with the IBM Streams add-on. IBM Streams enables continuous and fast analysis of massive volumes of moving data to help improve the speed of business insight and decision making.

The IBM Streams add-on enables developers to work with in-flight data in analytics projects.

You can use the add-on to:
  • Build and deploy streaming applications by using notebooks. For more information, see Developing applications with IBM Streams.
  • Connect to multiple streaming data sources, such as IBM Event Streams, HTTP, and IoT.
  • Deliver data and insights to data stores within the Cloud Pak for Data platform and to remote data stores, such as IBM Db2® Warehouse and IBM Event Streams.
  • Elastically scale Streams applications to accommodate variable workloads.

Instance terminology

When any Cloud Pak for Data add-on is provisioned, it becomes an instance of that add-on. Therefore, when an IBM Streams add-on is provisioned, it is an instance of the IBM Streams add-on that contains an IBM Streams instance and the build service. To reduce confusion about the two different uses of the term instance, the IBM Streams add-on documentation refers to the Cloud Pak for Data instance of the IBM Streams add-on as the add-on instance (or sometimes the IBM Streams add-on instance. The contained IBM Streams instance is referred to as the IBM Streams instance.

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