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Downloading the IBM Db2 for z/OS Connector add-on

Before you can create databases for working with data in Db2® for z/OS®, you must download and install the IBM® Db2 for z/OS Connector add-on.


  1. SSH into the master node (master-1) of your cluster as root:
    ssh root@MASTER_1_IP
  2. Download the package IBM Db2 for z/OS Connector from IBM Passport Advantage. The package name is db2zconn-icp4d-vnnn.tar.gz where nnn is the version number of the add-on.
  3. Move the add-on package to the /ibm/InstallPackage directory.
    mv db2zconn-icp4d-vnnn.tar /ibm/InstallPackage
  4. Change to the /ibm/InstallPackage/ directory.
    cd /ibm/InstallPackage
  5. Extract the package.
    tar -xvf db2zconn-icp4d-vnnn.tar.gz
  6. Change to the directory for the extracted package.
    cd db2zconn-icp4d-vnnn
  7. Change the access permission for the installation script to execute only.
    chmod +x
  8. From the folder that contains the extracted package, run the installation script.
    ./ options
    You can specify the following options:
    Show help for the usage on options.
    Specify the namespace for installing the Helm chart.
    Specify the Docker registry to load with the images.
    The script installs the IBM Db2 for z/OS Connector add-on.

What to do next

Complete the following tasks: