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Downloading the Data Virtualization installation package

The software for installing the data virtualization add-on in your IBM® Cloud Pak for Data cluster is provided as a separate package, which you must download to your cluster.

About this task

The following steps are not valid for Red Hat OpenShift environments. To provision your Data Virtualization add-on in OpenShift environments, see Enabling Data Virtualization in OpenShift


  1. SSH into the master node (master-1) of your cluster as root:
    ssh root@MASTER_1_IP
  2. Change to the /modules directory in your installer files partition. For example, /ibm/modules.
  3. Obtain the data virtualization add-on package:
    1. Download the appropriate BIN file from IBM Passport Advantage:
      • For Enterprise Edition, download ICP4DATA_DV_x86_Vnnnbin.
      • For Cloud Native Edition, download ICP4DATA_CNE_DV_x86_Vnnn.bin.
    2. Change to the directory where the file was downloaded and make the BIN file executable. For example:
      chmod +x ICP4DATA_DV_x86_Vnnnbin
    3. Run the BIN file:

      This downloads the following TAR file: Data_Virtualization/Packages/data_virtualization.tar

  4. Change to the /ibm/InstallPackage/components/ directory.
  5. Run the following command to enable Cloud Pak for Data to detect the package:
    ./ /ibm/modules/Data_Virtualization/Packages/dv-ppa.tar

    It can take 20 minutes for the script to complete.

  6. Verify that the add-on was properly enabled:
    1. Log in to the Cloud Pak for Data web client.
    2. From the toolbar, click the Add-ons icon (Add-ons icon).
    3. Locate the Data Virtualization tile under the Data sources category or by searching it in the Find add-ons. Ensure that the status is Enabled.

What to do next

Provisioning Data Virtualization