Table of contents

Analyzing data

With IBM® Cloud Pak for Data, you can collaborate with other team members on analytics projects to create visualizations and machine learning models with data from your enterprise.

Set up an analytics project and get data

To get started, open the Projects page and set up an analytics project to hold the assets that you want to work with, and then get data for your project.

  1. Set up at least one project. See Projects for analyzing data.
  2. Add data to your project or request data. See Adding data to an analytics project.

Visualize data and create models

To visualize data, you can create Jupyter or Zeppelin notebooks that run on Spark, or you can set up and start using RStudio. To create models, you can use APIs from notebooks, import models, or use the model builder. In addition, you can publish, deploy, test, batch score, and evaluate your models.

Manage and deploy models

After you test and deploy a model, an administrator can create a project release from your project and deploy the assets needed to launch the project release online. See Model management and deployment.