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Notification and contact list setup and configuration

E-mail and pager notifications from the Db2® administration server (DAS) can be local or remote. A contact list is required to ensure that notifications are sent to the correct hostname.

About this task

There are two DAS configuration parameters used to enable notifications by the scheduler or the health monitor.

The DAS configuration parameter smtp_server is used to identify the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server used by the scheduler to send e-mail and pager notifications as part of task execution completion actions as defined by the health monitor to send alert notifications using e-mail or pager.

The DAS configuration parameter contact_host specifies the location where the contact information used by the scheduler and health monitor for notification is stored. The location is defined to be a Db2 administration server's TCP/IP hostname. Allowing contact_host to be located on a remote DAS provides support for sharing a contact list across multiple Db2 administration servers. This should be set for partitioned database environments to ensure a common contact list is used for all database partitions. The contact list is stored in a flat file under the DAS directory. If contact_host is not specified, the DAS assumes the contact information is local.