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Multiple Db2 copies overview

With Version 9 and later, you can install and run multiple Db2 copies on the same computer. A Db2 copy refers to one or more installations of Db2database products in a particular location on the same computer. Each Db2 Version 9 copy can be at the same or different code levels.

The benefits of doing this include:
  • The ability to run applications that require different Db2 database versions on the same computer at the same time
  • The ability to run independent copies of Db2 database products for different functions
  • The ability to test on the same computer before moving the production database to the latter version of the Db2 database product
  • For independent software vendors, the ability to embed a Db2 database server product into your product and hide the Db2 database from your users. For COM+ applications, use and distribute the IBM® Data Server Driver for ODBC and CLI with your application instead of the Data Server Runtime Client as only one Data Server Runtime Client can be used for COM+ applications at a time. The IBM Data Server Driver for ODBC and CLI does not have this restriction.

Table 1 lists the relevant topics in each category.