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Your Favorite IBM Support Blogs Are Moving to A New Home

Your Favorite IBM Support Blogs Are Moving to A New Home

Last updated: March 27, 2020

Spend less time finding content and more time reading them.

We're excited to share with you that all technical blog posts from IBM Support will soon be converted into knowledge articles. Here is a list of blogs from IBM Support that have been converted:

  • Application Integration Middleware Support Blog
  • Application Performance Management Blog
  • Asset Management Blog
  • Atlas Policy Suite Blog
  • Business Service Management Blog
  • Content Collector Blog
  • DB2 related information from the Thoughts from Support Blog
  • eDiscovery Analyzer & Manager Blog
  • IBM Enterprise Content Management Support Blog
  • IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Blog
  • IBM Sterling Gentran Blog
  • IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer Blog
  • IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite Blog
  • IoT Support Blog
  • Jazz for Service Management Blog
  • Network and Service Assurance Blog
  • Rational Developer for i Blog
  • Real Estate and Facilities Management Blog

Technical content from the above blogs has been converted into knowledge articles. You can search for these knowledge articles through the IBM Support Portal or the new IBM Support site.

How to search for knowledge articles on

IBM Support Portal

  1. Go to the IBM Support Portal
  2. Type the information you’re looking for into the “Search support or find a product” box
  3. Click the magnifier icon to run the search
  4. Go to the bottom of the pop-up and click “View more search results”

New IBM Support site

  1. Go to the new IBM Support site
  2. Type the information you’re looking for into the “Search support” box
  3. Press the “ENTER” key on your keyboard to run the search


All non-technical blog posts from IBM Support will be housed in the IBM Support Insider, our new blogging platform where you can discover how we’re transforming your support experience with new programs, tools, and AI.

In addition to updates on your IBM Support experience, you’ll also find the following content in the IBM Support Insider:

  • Thought leadership
  • Events
  • Interviews

Looking for information from IBM Support is now that much easier with a single location for forums, cases, and now blog content.

Check us out often; we look forward to seeing you again soon!

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