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Wrong information about limitation in the Attachments 2.1 package documentation



The IBM Rational ClearQuest Attachments Package 2.1 Administrator's Guide has wrong information in Chapter 6 regarding file size name.


The documentation states that there is a limitation of 50 bytes or characters in the file size name when attaching a file and the FTP server is not running.

"When the FTP server is not running, there is 50-character limitation on the length of attached file name and description for the file. As a result, the file name or the description may be truncated."


This is a documentation defect. The information about the limitation is wrong.

Resolving The Problem

The limitation for a file with a name longer than 50 bytes or characters exists regardless of whether the FTP server is running or not. It is not possible to attach a file with size name longer than 50 bytes or characters. See RFE RATLC00706485 for more information on a request to change this limitation.

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Modified date:
16 June 2018