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Working with Cognos Controller Financial Information via Financial Analytical Publisher (FAP)



There may be issues with FAP (Financial Analytical Publisher) including data not refreshing or improper views selected as part of reviewing Cognos Controller consolidated financial information in TM1 when using the FAP process.


Data connection or view does not refresh data or the view provides unexpected or incorrect consolidated financial information.



Resolving The Problem

This document will be provide the following guidance as it relates to Cognos Controller and FAP (Financial Analytical Publisher):

  1. Creating views and/or viewing consolidated financial information in TM1 via FAP process for Cognos Controller
  2. How to maintained IBM Cognos Controller FAP connector as part of the close, consolidation and reporting cycle.


  1. The assumption is that the users will be familiar with Cognos Controller including how to run system generated reports for Cognos Controller e.g. Trial Balance with Drill Down.
  2. Documents will not go into details on how consolidations are done in Cognos Controller, but how to view the data using TM1.

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Modified date:
15 June 2018