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Why are my Datastage Jobs showing a status of "Queued"

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We realize that when trying to run some jobs the Director, they began to enter the Queued status, as if there is a limit of jobs that can run simultaneously. Why is this happening? How can we manage this?


The Workload Management (WLM) was introduced in Information Server version 9.1
This tool provides the capability to manage and control the order and priority given to parallel and server jobs


For more information on managing the WLM please read through the documentation regarding setting up the queues.

The main reason why jobs won't run when WLM is enabled is because the criteria defined is not met. Open the operations console and review the following criteria for the Queue if any of them are red, then you will either need to adjust the thresholds or address the cause.

  • Maximum running jobs
  • CPU Usage
  • Memory Usage
  • Job Start

If however, this feature does not appeal to you. simply modify the DSODBConfig.cfg found in InformationServer/Server/DSODB directory

Look for the following line text and set the value to 0

# DataStage Workload Manager Configuration
# ===================================================
# The following enables workload management if set to 1, or disabled if 0.

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