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What are the new features in IBM Rational ClearQuest


Changes to the metaschema version and feature level
This release introduces feature level 8 and database metaschema version 23, which adds support for the following capabilities:

  • User hooks for log on and log off events enable you to customize a schema to respond to such events.
  • You can specify the ClearQuest client versions that are allowed to log on to a ClearQuest user database.
  • The maximum field length for the attachment file name, user name, group name, and database server name has been extended.
For more information, see this technote.

OSLC integrations in a load-balanced ClearQuest web deployment
This release adds support for OSLC integrations in a load-balanced ClearQuest web deployment.
Support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 for LDAP authentication
This release provides support for Transport Layer Security 1.1 and 1.2 for LDAP authentication. For details, refer to the help about upgrading ClearQuest web server features.

Core error messages and folder names in French
This release provides French translations of core error messages and the names of Personal and Public Queries folders in the workspace; see technote 1649611. (French is displayed on systems that are set to the French locale;.)

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08 August 2018