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What's new in IBM Rational ClearCase version

Release Notes


The document describes new features contained in IBM Rational ClearCase version


New features in Rational ClearCase version include:

  • The ability to run a merge procedure from the command line for Rational Software Architect logical models under ClearCase control.
  • The integration between Rational ClearTeam Explorer and Rational Team Concert is now supported in a Microsoft Visual Studio for .net context.
  • When using Rational Software Architect version 8.5.1 CP2 or later, running a logical model merge process now invokes the model merge tool in an editor instead of a dialog box.
  • In the ClearTeam Explorer Version Tree, users can now perform a 'Compare with Predecessor' procedure or a 'Compare with Another Version' procedure on a checked out version from a dynamic view that is not already started.
  • A 'Find' feature is now available in the ClearTeam Explorer when a user performs a Compare with Predecessor operation for the ClearCase Integrated (UTF-8) compare tool.
  • Information about activities and change sets can now be exported from the Rational ClearTeam Navigator.
  • Added support for automated check outs using the Synchronous Request for Mastership (SRFM) option in environments that integrate IBM Rational ClearCase with Cadence Design Framework II in conjunction with IBM Rational ClearCase MultiSite, All check out operations from a replicated VOB with the SRFM option enabled apply the -srfm option by default. In ClearCase versions and and earlier, users that wanted to use the -srfm option had to manage check out and check in operations manually by using the cleartool checkout -srfm command to avoid branch mastership errors.

Platform support changes

Added support for the following platforms and third party products:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 x86, PPC and L3900 (This version is also supported by ClearCase version
  • IBM® WebSphere® Application Server (WAS) version and IBM® HTTP Server versions
  • Microsoft Office 2013 (This version is also supported by ClearCase version
  • Latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Firefox ESR
  • OpenSSL version 1.0.1e

    Note: OpenSSL is used to make SSL connections in the base ClearCase and ClearQuest integration and to make SSL connections through user Perl modules. On Linux and UNIX platforms, OpenSSL can be used by the UCM/ClearQuest integration.

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Modified date:
24 October 2018