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What is my IBM Customer Number (ICN)?

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What is my IBM Customer Number (ICN)?


An IBM Customer Number (ICN) is the unique number that IBM issues its customers during the post contract signing entitlement process.

At the time the ICN is issued to the IBM customer, IBM identifies a Site Technical Contact (STC) from your company. These individuals received emails that contained your organization's ICN. Your ICN is extremely important as it allows IBM to identify your company and support contract.

IBM Customers, please contact your Site Technical Contact to obtain your organization's ICN. If you do not know who your Site Technical Contact is, please contact the IBM eCustomer Care Team. When contacting this team, please include your full name, contact information and your company name in your request. For more information on Site Technical Contacts, click here.

IBM customers will need an ICN to identify yourself during registration to sub-systems and possibly during other interactions you may have with IBM Support.

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