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What is meaning of AIXIF_ARP_DUP_ADDR message in errpt and what can be done to address it?

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What is meaning of AIXIF_ARP_DUP_ADDR message in errpt and what can be done to address it?


AIXIF_ARP_DUP_ADDR message is logged by AIX/VIOS host when it receives arp packet from host or device that has same ipaddress as AIX/VIOS host logging this message. In other words AIX/VIOS host detected the duplicate IP address. Each time such arp packet is received, this message will be logged.

Here is an example that will help understand the message.

Lets assume there is a AIX/VIOS system with following configuration.

      hostname: dbserver1
      en1: mac 00:05:55:33:62:b3
      en1: ip
Following message was logged in errpt on host dbserver1.

Note: errpt displays DUPLICATE IP ADDRESS in hex.
e.g. 0D54 8009 in hex is in decimal.

Iptrace collected (at the time when message was logged) on dbserver1 captured following arp packet.

The dbserver1 aix system has interface en1 ( configured on adapter with mac address 00:05:55:33:62:b3. It received the arp packet (Packet Number 433975) from another host or device with mac address 00:05:55:33:5a:c7 that also has ipaddress AIXIF_ARP_DUP_ADDR is logged to alert the system administrator that there is another host or device that has same ip address. The system administrator needs to locate system with mac address 00:05:55:33:5a:c7 and find out why it has same ipaddress. This message does not mean there is a problem with AIX/VIOS host.

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