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What is libc++.rte and should I install it as part of the C++ Runtime installation?

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This page describes the importance of a new C++ Runtime fileset (named: libc++.rte) that was introduced in XL C/C++ for AIX, V16.1


Starting from the release of XL C/C++ for AIX, V16.1, the XL C++ Runtime package was updated to support C++11 and C++14 Standard runtime implementations by using a new library called libc++.a.

This new libc++.a ships as part of the new libc++.rte fileset as noted in the XL C++ runtime environment filesets documentation.
Applications built with the new xlclang or xlclang++ compiler invocations require the libc++.a library to be present on the machine where the application runs. As a result, this new libc++.rte fileset should also be installed when installing the C++ Runtime package.

More information about the Clang-based compiler front end can be found here.

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26 July 2022