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What is Health Management?

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What is Health Management?


Health Management is part of WebSphere Virtual Enterprise environment, which is integrated in WebSphere Application Server 8.5.

Intelligent Management provides a health management feature to monitor the status of your application servers, as well as sense and respond to problem areas before an outage occurs. You can manage the health of your application serving environment with a policy-driven approach that enables specific actions to occur when monitored criteria are met. For example, when memory usage exceeds a percentage of the heap size for a specified time, health actions can run to correct the situation.

Reaction Mode

There are two reaction modes to monitor your environment :
Automatic or Supervised mode.
It reacts when your defined conditions are not met.
Automatic mode:

System will take an action when health policy violation is detected. For example, if you configure to monitor memory usage and would like to restart JVM when message usage is 90% then system will restart targeted JVM when JVM heap size reach at 90%.

Supervised mode:

System will create runtime task when health policy violation is detected. This requires manual intervention for WebSphere administrator to approve or deny the task action.

Health Conditions

Health Condition is the object or metrics you want to monitor in your environment. There are eight following predefined health condition available in WebSphere You have the option to create custom health conditions.

Here are the eight predefined health conditions :

Health Conditions

Health Action

Health Action is the health policy action to be run once exceeds the configured threshold. There are seven following predefined health action available in WebSphere. You have the option to create custom health action.

Here are the seven predefined health actions:

Health Action

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