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What happenes on any files/folders added into installation folder, when I update the install ?

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I have a Cognos Analytics environment, and I have added several folders, files and backups under its installation folder. What will be happened on these files, if I apply the updater to the installation over-the-top ?


Any files and folders, which is not specified as "preserved" will have gone.


The files and folders you added under installed folder will be removed, except you explicitly specify them in the preserve.txt nor implicitly retained by installer default (see "preserved files and folders" in below related link.)
So if you place your backup file into same folder of its original installed location which are not preserved, that file and folder could be overwritten or removed by Cognos Analytics updates. It is safe to place the backup and your custom files to outside the installation folder tree.
After 11.2, preserving behavior is a little changed. Please refer documentation from "related URL" section.

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01 October 2021