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What is the difference between Native, Cognos and Pass-through SQL



This document describes the difference between Native SQL, Cognos SQL and Pass-through SQL in Framework Manager and Report Studio (SQL Queries).

Resolving The Problem

Framework Manager generates the most optimized SQL possible while preserving its functionality. In this way, Cognos SQL offers the most added value.

Native SQL is the SQL the data source uses such as Oracle SQL. You cannot use Native SQL in a model query subject that references more than one data source in the project.

Pass-through SQL lets you use Native SQL without any of the restrictions the data source imposes on sub queries. Pass-Through SQL query subjects are not processed as subqueries. Instead, the SQL for each query subject is sent directly to the data source where the query results are generated.

Further details can be found in the Framework Manager User Guide in the chapter on Modeling Relational Metadata.

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