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What is the Default email sender and how is it changed?



When sending emails, the default sender email ID defined in Cognos Configuration is not used - instead it uses the ID of the person who schedules the report. Even selecting "Run as Owner" in the report properties has no effect. The Sender email ID is still that of the schedule creator.

Resolving The Problem

The ´Run as owner´ option is the source of much confusion. ´Run as owner´ does not mean that the agent/report will be run using the owner´s credential, but simply that the owner´s identity will be used to access the datasource that the report is using. The agent itself is still run using the current user´s credential, and will therefore pick up that user´s preferences and email address.

This means that as long as the user that modifies the schedule or sends a report via email does NOT have an email address associated with his profile the default sender from Cognos Configuration will be used. If the user modifying the schedule or sending the report via email has an email address associated in his profile, this email address will be used.

If a report is run as owner (and the user who executes the report with this option ISN´T the owner) the credentials of the owner will be used but the sender will be the email address of the user who executed the report or modified the schedule. If there is no email address associated the default address will be used.

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15 June 2018