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What is changing in the Informix Support experience?

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What is changing in the Informix Support experience?


We are always striving to seek new and better ways to improve our communications and the support we offer. We are excited to announce that we are launching a new Support Community/Experience for a select number of IBM products. Informix will be one of these products going live in this platform.


The move to the improved support experience should be seamless to you.

· The e-mail and phone support channels offered to you today will remain unchanged.
· Bookmarks and existing access methods will automatically connect to the new Support Community when Informix is selected as the product.
· The current Support Portal URLs will continue to work, or you can use a new URL to reach the new Support experience directly:
· Any existing PMRs will be automatically converted to “Cases” in the new tool. Simply choose “cases” from the Informix support landing page to see status or make updates

We know you may have other IBM products and those too will be migrating to this new experience over time. Your experience with Informix support will continue to evolve as well. Among other improvements, we’re incorporating IBM Watson technology, and providing a truly “one-stop shop” for Customer Support related information for Informix.

You can see a quick video overview of the initial experience here:

You will know that Informix has been migrated, once it appears in the product selection area on the new Support Community. Directions for accessing the Community once Informix has migrated:
1) Go to ,where you can select your product.
2) For a personalized experience, you can login with your IBM ID.

If you do not have an IBM ID, go here to sign up for one
Note: You can also start in the legacy Service Request Tool(, and once Informix has been migrated you will be automatically redirected to the new experience.

If you are experiencing a problem with the portal (such as a login issue, etc.), we are here to help. You can submit your issue via our Support Community by clicking “Email IBM Support”, or emailing and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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23 July 2019