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What are UDA Temp Files?



What are UDA Temp Files?

Resolving The Problem

UDA temp files are created when a report is executed in Compatible Query Mode where some or all of the processing has been set to take place locally (vs on the database). In the case of large files, it would appear that one (or more of the reports) are: a) returning very large amounts of data. b) have the processing set to local.

It may be difficult to tell which report is causing this, based on the UDA file created.

It is recommended that you monitor the Temp folder where the UDA files are getting created. When you see a large UDA file has been created, check to see which reports have recently ran. You should be able to narrow down which report(s) are causing the issue. If you have the pre-canned Audit reports available, you should be able to check those for a list of reports recently executed as another option to indicating which report may be causing the large temp files.

Once you have done this, check with the report author to see if the report is designed optimally. Also, have the report author change the processing from local, to database, or flexible, to push some of the processing off of IBM Cognos and back to the database, if possible.

There is no potential dangers, other than running out of disk space, to having these files on the server.

Another possible reason for the files being created is the user cancelling the report before it finishes executing.

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15 June 2018