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What’s New in Informix Genero version 2.41



Informix Genero 2.41 is a maintenance release with improvements to the HTML5 theme for the Genero Web Client (GWC) and new templates for the Business Application Modeling (BAM) tool.


Enhanced HTML5 capabilities for Genero Web Client

The HTML5 theme is based on HTML5, the 5th major revision of the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). The HTML5 theme is the AJAX theme rewritten to take advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 improvements. This theme is dedicated to the latest Web browser releases and mobile devices (tablets and smartphones). It promises a better user experience than our previous themes. GWC for HTML5 aims to use native widgets, according to the device. It is recommended to use the HTML5 theme for any new application development.

This update includes:

  • screen layout improvements
  • support for Genero presentation styles (4st files)
  • support for TTY attributes
  • support for 'traditional mode'
  • Methods to facilitate migration to HTML5 from:
      • the AJAX and Silverlight theme
      • a more streamlined Genero Desktop Client (GDC)
Migration to HTML5 from the GDC delivers a workable Web application with few changes to existing code. The HTML5 theme does not strictly mimic the behavior of the GDC however: support for TopMenu and StartMenu is minimal and desktop shortcuts and ergonomics are not all included in this release.

Sample GDC screens
Sample HTML5 screens

With HTML5, applications can work on the desktop and mobile platforms such as tablets and smartphones. The introduction of a 'hybrid mode' in Genero Web Client with this release provides a method for developing mobile applications running under iOS and Android platforms.

The Genero Hybrid Client

The Genero Hybrid Client (GHC) takes Genero applications and delivers them as native applications for Android or iOS mobile platforms.

Prior to the Genero Hybrid Client, to deliver an application on an Android or iOS device, the application was displayed within the device browser using the Genero Web Client. The Genero Hybrid Client provides the ability to launch an application within a container native to iOS or Android. The Genero Hybrid Client provides a skeleton - a minimal application - that allows you to create hybrid mobile applications for iOS and Android. The Genero application is run from the Genero Application Server; the application URL identifies which application to run. It uses HTML5 for the Genero Web Client (the HTML5 theme) to render the Genero forms within the native container. As it is running within a native container, it allows you to extend the application with native front calls, allowing access to native device APIs.

Once you have produced your Genero application as a native Android or iOS application, you can distribute it on the Android Market or Apple AppStore, as well as in-house.

New Application Generation Templates

Genero Studio now provides standard template sets consisting of files used for code generation. These Business Application Modeling templates are written in the TCL language and can be modified to meet specific business requirements.

This release provides a new default database application template, dbapp2.0. This template includes new build rules to dedicate a set of build rules to a template.

Database access code is now centralized and generated from the database meta-schema, benefiting all forms and reports. This centralized code also provides a unique entry point to guarantee the consistency of the database by checking constraints such as uniqueness and NOT NULL. SERIAL, field activation, and default values are now managed as well. User defined constraints and data checking can be added as custom code. In addition, the ability to Search, Add, Modify, and Delete can be defined by data set in the form. This functionality can be set on each record allowing for more complex user interfaces, such as multiple master/detail relationships within a form.

Business Application Modeling

New database schema file type

A new database schema file type has been added to work with generated applications. The schema file (4dbx) contains information about tables, columns, and entity relationships that describe your active database. The new schema is leveraged to create items in your Business Application Diagram (4ba).

GWC for Silverlight adds a scrollbar to windows

GWC for Silverlight now provides horizontal scrolling for the toolbar if the toolbar is larger than the form. Horizontal scrolling is implemented by arrow buttons on the left and right of the toolbar.

New style attributes for GWC and HTML5 clients

The dataTypeHint style attribute (for Edit item types) and nativeLook style attribute (for CheckBox item types) have been added for use by the GWC for HTML5 front end.

The dataTypeHint style attribute defines the type of input to let a device or browser render a field behavior suitable for the particular data type. This is particularly useful on mobile devices. This allows values for email, urls, telephone numbers and search fields. This attribute is not available for GDC, GWC AJAX and GWC SL.

Then nativeLook style attribute displays the checkbox and sets its behavior according to a chosen style like ios or browser. This attribute is not available for GDC, GWC AJAX and GWC SL.

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03 June 2021