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WebSphere Portal Support Statement for virtual environments



Customers can employ various applications to provide an emulated or virtual operating environment in order to meet their needs, such as to provide production server consolidation, centralized management, or to host dynamic test environments. The virtual environment by design provides transparency to the operating systems, applications, and middleware that operate above it.


Such environments are not used during the official testing of IBM WebSphere Portal; therefore, certain considerations must be taken into account prior to deploying the portal in such an environment.

Resolving The Problem

Solutions providing this type of environment include product offerings from IBM, VMWare, Citrix, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Xen and Sun as well as many others not specifically mentioned here. When a customer contacts IBM Remote Technical Support with a standard usage or defect-related service request, running in such an environment, IBM will make commercially reasonable efforts to resolve the issue. We will assume that the problem is common to both native and virtual environments. However, when it appears that the problem is unique to the virtualized or emulated environment, IBM may require the customer to recreate the problem in a native environment in order to proceed with the investigation. If the problem is unique to the emulated environment and IBM is not able to resolve the problem, then WebSphere Portal support will expect the customer to work with the support organization for the virtualization or emulation product in question to provide resolution. If the support organization for the virtualization or emulation product is unable to resolve the problem, WebSphere Portal support reserves the right to deem that version, release, or fix pack level of the virtualization or emulation product in question to be "Not Supported," in accordance with the WebSphere Portal Support Statement.

This risk must be considered when deploying WebSphere Portal in such an environment, and customers are encouraged to test problems themselves on a native installation of the operating system prior to contacting IBM support to exclude the virtual environment as a possible cause.

In addition, IBM technical support has no Performance benchmarking or tuning guidance available that is unique to such environments. Any additional memory or other hardware requirements must be accounted for when planning or deploying the portal in a virtualized environment.

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27 August 2018