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Explore IBM's offers and assistance to make migrating to the latest versions of WebSphere Application Server easier and more cost effective. Take a look at the variety of offers and pick what suits you the best.


  • No-charge waiver
    • Expand your WAS license entitlements for version-to-version migration with a no-charge waiver. Contact your IBM representative for details. 
  • Want help assessing the migration effort to WebSphere V9?
  • Need help moving from a third-party application server?
    • The business case for the value, robustness, scalability, and enterprise grade attributes of IBM Middleware and Cloud solutions is compelling. Read more here. Find out how doable the migration is by contacting the Worldwide Competitive Migration Team ( The WebSphere Migration Discovery Tool also provides more information on this team and their services.
  • IBM Software Accelerated Value Program
    • The program provides expertise in custom version-to-version migrations. The program is currently working with customers to assist in migration planning, avoiding pitfalls, and expediting movement off WAS V7.0 and V8.0. Here are the details of the program
  • Migration Assist (MA)
    • Migration Assist is provided by the WAS Level 2 Support team to clients planning a release to v8.5 or v9.0 migration. The Level 2 MA Lead will provide migration guidance, best practices, lessons learned, and answer your migration questions. View the Migration Assist briefing for details and contact information.
  • IBM Support Assistant
    • The IBM Support Assistant provides rich problem determination tools and functions to help you quickly troubleshooting complex software problems or automatically gather diagnostic data. Watch the overview video here to learn more about these free offerings.
  • WebSphere Application Server Migration Guide  

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Publications and Articles

What's new in WebSphere Application Server V7.0
This article gives a high level overview of what's new in WebSphere Application Server version 7.0 including the latest Java EE version, new features and enhancements.


WebSphere Application Server Migration Planning and Best Practices Guide
This section contains Migration best practice recommendations and Migration issues that have been encountered either through internal IBM testing or external customer interactions.

WebSphere Application Server Version 7.0 Information Center
With the Information Center, you can view, browse, and search online information about WebSphere Application Server in general as well as information specific to your migration tasks.

Migrating, coexisting, and interoperating
This Information Center section covers all aspects of migration, upgrades, coexistence, and interoperability.

WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Migration planning
This link contains additional z/OS information that will help you plan and execute your Migration.

Quick guide for migrating to WebSphere Application Server V7.0
This article gives a high level overview of the migration process for version 7 of WebSphere including common terminology and some best practices.

WebSphere Application Server V7 Migration Guide
This IBM Redpaper publication provides several business scenarios which can be implemented through simple customizations. Each scenario addresses a unique requirement which can be mapped with similar business scenarios. For example,
> Migrate portions of a configuration from an existing WebSphere Application Server V5.1.x, V6.0.x or V6.1x to V7.0
> Migrate existing configurations and applications to WebSphere Application Server V7.0 by copy and coexistence
> Migrate a large Network Deployment configuration with a large number of applications

WAS z/OS Migration Performance Study
This paper explores the performance implications of running WebSphere Application Server for z/OS v7 migration utility. The paper illustrates several configuration topologies and provides performance results. In addition, the paper provides several important performance suggestions and advice.

Migration Toolkit

IBM Application Server Toolkit
The Application Migration tool in the IBM WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit helps you easily move applications from a source application server to WebSphere Application Server v7.0 or v8.0. Source application servers currently supported include WebLogic Server, JBoss Server and Oracle AS. The Application Migration plug-in works on an imported EAR file. The tool scans the JSPs, Java™ source code, and deployment descriptors for porting issues and reports these issues in the Problems view in your Eclipse-based IDE. Most of the porting issues that you could encounter will be identified by the tool and, in many cases, the tool will offer a quick fix to resolve them.

Webcast replay: Simplifying Migrations with the WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit
The WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit helps application developers move their applications from older versions of WAS to WAS V7. It can also migrate applications running on a non-IBM application server to WAS. The tool scans application code, flags and fixes potential migration problems. This WebSphere Support Technical Exchange is designed to provide education on the toolkit and its usage.

IBM Application Server Toolkit Forum
The IBM WebSphere Application Migration Toolkit provides a way to help assist you doing competitive application server application migrations. This forum is for technical discussions supporting the IBM WebSphere Application Migration Toolkit. This forum is monitored by the tools development team.

Application Migration

JDK 1.6 Compatibility
This document contains information about binary and source incompatibilities between V1.6 and previous versions.

Building JavaEE applications with IBM Rational Application Developer V7.5
Best practices and step by step guidance for developing applications in Rational Application Developer V7.5.

Rational Application Developer V7.5 Programming Guide
This IBM RedbooksTM publication is a programming guide that highlights the features and tooling included with Rational Application Developer v7.5. Many of the chapters provide working examples that demonstrate how to use the tooling to develop applications, as well as achieve the benefits of visual and rapid application development.

Migration of CICs and IMS to Rational Application Developer
Learn how the approaches to creating the CICS-ECI and IMS applications in the IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer Integration Edition differ from Rational Application Developer V6 and V7, so you will better understand the migration process. This article covers tooling, from supported resource adapter levels to generated artifacts, and explains how to use the J2C Service Migration tools in Rational Application Developer.

Developing Connector Applications for CICS
This IBM Redbooks publication focuses on application development using the CICS Transaction Gateway V7 programming interfaces for access to CICS, including Java, JCA, C, and .NET client development. This Redbooks publication also includes the exploitation of the new CICS TS V3 Channels and Containers programming model for exchange of large payloads, support for the J2C beans provided by Rational Application Developer, and the invocation of CICS programs from the .NET environment.
Education and Tutorials

What's new in WebSphere Application Server V7
IBM WebSphere Application Server V7 has powerful new features and dramatic enhancements to help you achieve heightened productivity, stronger security, tighter integration, and simplified administration. Find out about some of the new key features that enable this new release to provide a flexible and reliable foundation for your service-oriented architecture

Systems Management new features for v7.0
A number of new features are available for Systems Management in v7.0. This article provides a high level overview of these features. These articles go into greater depth on a variety of topics
Version 7.0 installation and migration
View the many available IBM Education Assistant modules for a quick understanding of Version 7.0 installation and migration

JDK 5/6 Tuning
This WebSphere Support Technical Exchange is designed to assist with tuning the Java™ Garbage Collector for both performance and stability, which is considered by many to be a specialized skill. This session covers the best practices for getting the most out of the IBM Java Runtimes at Java 5.0 and beyond.

APARs and Fixes

For a comprehensive list of all recommended and generally available (GA) fixes for releases of WebSphere Application Server V7.0, see the following fix lists:

Upgrade Strategy for WebSphere Application Server 7.0
This link contains additional information about the Interim Fix strategy for Application Server V7.0.

Be aware of this APAR if migrating TO v7.0 - PM74932. It is available in v7.0.0.27 and later
Symptoms: Inconsistent behavior which results in something similar to: service SRVE0068E:
Uncaught exception created in one of the service methods of the servlet
/jsp/fm/FMProfileList.jsp in application PRD_SCI_APP. Exception created
: Access denied
(java.util.PropertyPermission CACHE_DEBUG_IMPORT read)

Troubleshooting and Support

Solutions to migration problems for Version 7.0
Browse through common Version 7.0 migration problems and solutions that have already been documented and published to the Web.

Collecting data (MustGather)
When a solution cannot be found to your migration problem, you can begin collecting data (MustGather) before calling IBM support. This will help you familiarize yourself with the troubleshooting process and save you time.

Exchanging information with IBM Technical Support
To diagnose or identify a problem, it is sometimes necessary to provide Technical Support with data and information from your system. In addition, Technical Support might also need to provide you with tools or utilities to be used in problem determination.

Instructions for handling certain Out of Memory conditions which occur during migration of an earlier version of WebSphere Application Server to V6.0.2, V6.1.0, or V7.0
When running WASPreUpgrade or WASPostUpgrade, during the migration process from an earlier release of WebSphere Application Server to V6.0.2, v6.1.0 or V7.0, the heap might run out of memory for a complex environment. Either the execution of wsadmin to install the applications, or the migration of the configuration itself, throws java.lang.OutOfMemory errors.

ADMC0009E: The system failed to make the SOAP RPC call
During the first step in a federated migration the WASPostUpgrade process connects to the migrated Deployment Manager process and synchronizes the configuration with the backup directory. When the configuration is very large, a timeout may be encountered. To alleviate this issue, follow the instructions in the Information Center for increasing the SOAP timeout value.
Planning V7.0.x V6.1.x V6.0.x V5.x V4.x z/OS Other

[{"Product":{"code":"SSEQTP","label":"WebSphere Application Server"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU004","label":"Hybrid Cloud"},"Component":"Migration","Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF010","label":"HP-UX"},{"code":"PF012","label":"IBM i"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF027","label":"Solaris"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"},{"code":"PF035","label":"z\/OS"}],"Version":"9.0;8.5.5;","Edition":"Base;Liberty;Network Deployment"}]

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