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WebSphere Message Broker V8.0 - Fix Pack



This is Fix Pack for WebSphere Message Broker Version 8.0

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Changes introduced by this Fix Pack might negatively affect existing product function.

Please refer to APARs:

for a description of the problems and corrective actions.

Evaluate these APARs for the potential impact in your environment.

Fix Pack is the sixth maintenance release for WebSphere Message Broker Version 8.0. It is available for the following platforms:

HPUX Itanium
Linux on Intel x86
Linux on zSeries
Linux (Power)
Linux on Intel x86-64
Sun Solaris
Solaris x86-64
Windows 32 bit
Windows 64 bit
z/OS (PTF UI29068, UI29070, UI29071 ,UI29072)

Please note:
SSLv3 is disabled by default in WebSphere Message Broker and above for all inbound and outbound connections, apart from ODBC database access, because SSLv3 is no longer considered secure due to the POODLE vulnerability. The following IBM security bulletin, published in October 2014, gives further details:

Where SSLv3 is not explicitly configured as the protocol all default values will be replaced automatically by TLS.

Users are recommended to update any configuration using SSLv3 to use TLS, by following these steps:

1. Update all explicitly configured protocol values for inbound and outbound connections to use TLS instead of SSLv3. The following IBM security bulletin gives further details on the required mitigations:

2. Update all ODBC configurations which use the Oracle Wire Protocol Driver to use only TLS1 or higher protocols. The following IBM security bulleting gives further details on the required mitigation:

3. Update all ODBC configurations using the client-based ODBC drivers (DB2 Client and Informix Client) by referring to the documentation for your client libraries about how to avoid a possible exposure to POODLE.

4. Update any Java code to use TLS instead of SSLv3. The following IBM security bulletin gives further details about the usage and recommended mitigations for Java:

5. It is necessary to update both sides of any communication to use TLS:
- For any inbound communication to WebSphere Message Broker, the sending application must be updated.
- For any outbound communication from WebSphere Message Broker, the receiving application must be updated.

It is strongly recommended that these changes are made to avoid the known security vulnerability in SSLv3. However, if it is not possible to use TLS communication, SSLv3 can be re-enabled by using the following commands:

* To re-enable SSLv3 for an entire broker

mqsichangeproperties <BrokerName> -o BrokerRegistry -n allowSSLv3 -v true

* To re-enable SSLv3 for a specific execution group

mqsichangeproperties <BrokerName> -e <ExecutionGroupLabel> -o ComIbmJVMManager -n allowSSLv3 -v true

* To re-enable SSLv3 for the broker wide httplistener

mqsichangeproperties <BrokerName> -b httplistener -o HTTPListener -n allowSSLv3 -v true

Note that this Fix Pack is for the Broker product only. Updates for the toolkit are available from the product Toolkit links on the following URL :

For details of the problems fixed for the WebSphere Adapters included with this Fix Pack, refer to:

For details of the problems fixed in IBM Data Format Description Language version included with this Fix Pack, please refer to

For details of the problems fixed in IBM Graphical Data Mapper version IFix015 included with this Fix Pack, please refer to:

The following table shows embedded components in WebSphere Message Broker and the versions shipped with this Fix Pack.

Embedded componentVersion shipped with this Fix Pack
Java SE Runtime Environment 6.0.SR16 FP4
WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition7.0.4.3
WAS thin client (used by SOAP and SCA nodes)
WSRR client
WebSphere eXtreme Scale8.5.0.3 +cumulative iFix cf31424.1134105 (

[{"PRLabel":"System Requirements","PRLang":"English","PRSize":"9999","PRPlat":{"label":"AIX","code":"PF002"},"PRURL":""}]
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[{"DNLabel":"AIX","DNDate":"6 Jul 2015","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"879898489","DNPlat":{"label":"AIX","code":"PF002"},"DNURL":",+pSeries&function=all&useReleaseAsTarget=true","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null},{"DNLabel":"HPUX Itanium","DNDate":"24 Jul 2015","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"1145360423","DNPlat":{"label":"HP-UX","code":"PF010"},"DNURL":",+IA64&function=all","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null},{"DNLabel":"LinuxX86-32","DNDate":"6 Jul 2015","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"576040960","DNPlat":{"label":"Linux","code":"PF016"},"DNURL":",x86&function=all&useReleaseAsTarget=true","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null},{"DNLabel":"LinuxPPC","DNDate":"6 Jul 2015","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"610652160","DNPlat":{"label":"Linux","code":"PF016"},"DNURL":",pSeries&function=all&useReleaseAsTarget=true","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null},{"DNLabel":"LinuxX86-64","DNDate":"6 Jul 2015","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"589352960","DNPlat":{"label":"Linux","code":"PF016"},"DNURL":",x86_64&function=all&useReleaseAsTarget=true","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null},{"DNLabel":"Linux390x(Z-Series)","DNDate":"6 Jul 2015","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"586229760","DNPlat":{"label":"Linux","code":"PF016"},"DNURL":",zSeries&function=all&useReleaseAsTarget=true","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null},{"DNLabel":"Solaris Sparc","DNDate":"6 Jul 2015","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"822313995","DNPlat":{"label":"Solaris","code":"PF027"},"DNURL":",SPARC&function=all&useReleaseAsTarget=true","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null},{"DNLabel":"SolarisX86-64","DNDate":"6 Jul 2015","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"774637489","DNPlat":{"label":"Solaris","code":"PF027"},"DNURL":",x86&function=all&useReleaseAsTarget=true","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null},{"DNLabel":"Windows 32","DNDate":"6 Jul 2015","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"592623376","DNPlat":{"label":"Windows","code":"PF033"},"DNURL":",+x86&function=all&useReleaseAsTarget=true","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null},{"DNLabel":"Windows 64","DNDate":"6 Jul 2015","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"645977144","DNPlat":{"label":"Windows","code":"PF033"},"DNURL":",+x86&function=all&useReleaseAsTarget=true","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null},{"DNLabel":"Z/OS","DNDate":"6 Jul 2015","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"221184000","DNPlat":{"label":"z/OS","code":"PF035"},"DNURL":"","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null}]
[{"Product":{"code":"SSKM8N","label":"WebSphere Message Broker"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform"},"Component":"Maintenance","Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF010","label":"HP-UX"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF027","label":"Solaris"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"},{"code":"PF035","label":"z\/OS"}],"Version":"8.0","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB36","label":"IBM Automation"}}]

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