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WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit Version 8.0 Fix Pack 4



This is Fix Pack 4 for WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit Version 8.0.

Download Description

* Changes introduced by this Fix Pack might negatively affect existing product function.
* Please refer to APAR IT03621 for a description of the problems and corrective actions.
* Evaluate this APAR for the potential impact in your environment.

This fix pack contains fixes for the following problems:

1. Adapters
APAR IC88498 Same adapter schemas in different namespaces cause conflict

2. Installation
117811 Toolkit Version 8.0 Interim Fix 001 shipped the wrong Adapter version
APAR IC82257 Installer tries to install VC++ redistributable when already installed
APAR IC89752 Problem starting Message Broker Toolkit V8 due to missing VC++ redistributable
APAR IC92223 Message Broker Toolkit does not install the correct CMP jar file
APAR IC98124 WMB V8003 Toolkit launcher throws ClassNotFoundException

3. Broker Development View
117743 Tab order in New Artifact bubble in navigator
117629 'Close project' missing from context menu for Applications
APAR IC89086 Navigator file icon and label problem with Clearcase and CVS on initial startup of toolkit
APAR IC92219 Invalid duplicate error when application references connector project
APAR IC95602 Stackoverflow error when circular project references exist
APAR IC99911 Deletion of project takes a long time

4. DFDL editor
APAR IC81584 NPE on property refresh after selecting element with expression
APAR IC86347 DFDL fails with memory violation when parsing right-padded chars field and group with infix separator
APAR IC90290 Update TLOG processor sample
APAR IC92204 Error parsing message with ISO8583 DFDL model

APAR IC81159 Incorrect ESQL content assist for .net in language clause
APAR IC82816 Error occurs when variable is declared at schema level in ESQL
APAR IC83700 Namespace declaration is missing in BAR file with -deployassource
APAR IC88194 ESQL Content assist not working when element is a complex type in another schema with a different namespace
APAR IC88496 Error occurs in ESQL file about invalid encoding
APAR IC88593 Migration of V6.1 ESQL modules to V8 fails with stack overflow
APAR IC91414 No validation on arguments of ESQL exists function
APAR IC91439 ESQL variable name beginning with DBCS causes syntax error
APAR IC92191 ESQL content assist not showing elements with name as parent
APAR IC92365 ESQL editor loses syntax highlighting when editing files
APAR IC95192 Invalid ESQL warning on XMLNSC.BuildTreeUsingSchemaTypes
APAR IC96132 TODO keyword in ESQL block comment cause module not found
APAR IC95939 Cannot set value to schema level row variable in ESQL editor

6. Message Flows
117678 Unexpected error when drag and drop a flow/subflow between two Message Broker projects
117688 Output Data Location does not allow ESQL expression
117757 .NETCompute node failed on an invalid assembly file
APAR IC81860 .NET drag and drop does not show methods containing NBElement parameters
APAR IC81821 Configurable properties from UDN subflow are not contained in BAR file
APAR IC82583 Unable to create a connection from the terminal group of a node
APAR IC85126 MessageSetProperty value is not removed from the SOAPInput node which cause problem during deployment
APAR IC86961 Renaming node causes monitoring event validation error
APAR IC88004 Error using Generate Documentation for flow on Linux
APAR IC87279 Convert to subflow action menu disappears when categories are hidden
APAR IC85602 Support COMMAREA length of 32767 bytes in CICSRequest node
APAR IC88669 DatabaseInput node not generating ESQL code properly
APAR IC88804 Problem migrating message flows with NL characters
APAR IC89793 The promoted configurable property default value is stored in CMF
APAR IC90516 BAR compile fails when monitor event defined on MQReply node
APAR IC90492 Illegal characters appearing in event part name
APAR IC90157 Flow Generate Documentation not working for .map file
APAR IC91862 JAXB wizard issues using JavaCompute node or existing Java project
APAR IC91958 Flows with multilevel subflows containing input nodes fail to deploy
APAR IC92789 Error occurs when generating a report on a WSDL file
APAR IC92882 Wrong error for class not inherited from MbJavaComputeNode
APAR IC93540 Failed to save subflow when updating promoted properties after subflow conversion
APAR IC94557 Clarify that node names must be unique at flow level
APAR IC95605 Update the source deploy compiler for CCSID default value
APAR IC94769 The name of UDN based on subflow can be ended with node
APAR IC90922 Add local transaction support to the CICSRequest node
APAR IC98580 MbOutputTerminal.propagate (MbMessageAssembly, boolean) unavailable
APAR IC98436 Error on compute node in Integration Service operation subflow
APAR IC98727 BLOB is not recognized in the XPath expression builder
APAR IC98602 Propagate X509 certificate information in the local environment

7. Samples
117668 Incorrect string formatting in JavaCompute node sample
117674 Documentation updates for samples, patterns and information center
APAR IC79257 TLOG sample: Parser exception when value of positivetenderamount or negativetenderamount contains 22 at the end
APAR IC79257.1 TLOG sample import does not import all projects properly
APAR IC90208 The Pager sample displays the wrong queue manager name
APAR IC88714 Error in ESQL code for WMQ XML consumer of RESTful WebService using JSON sample
APAR IC90208 The WMB Pager sample displays the wrong queue manager name

8. Patterns
117657 Drag and drop of some DLLs onto Patterns Explorer causes error
APAR IC88807 Problem with IBM built-in pattern generation on Windows 2008 R2
APAR IC96171 Pattern instance generation fails to refresh all files
APAR IC99722 Worklight mobile service pattern throws stack overflow error

9. BAR files / MQSICREATEBAR command
117632 MQSICREATEBAR does not work with projects outside the workspace
117636 WTX MAP file is not added to the application when creating a BAR file
117641 BAR editor showing dynamically referenced Java Projects
117643 Renamed application is added to the BAR when deselected
117644 Renamed flow is recompiled when the source is not selected on the Prepare tab
117646 XML Schema and WSDL compiler showing with no children
117670 User log is not showing XML and WSDL successfully added
117680 Override configuration property values not working with app/lib
117696 The Edit context menu is not disabled for the flow in the library or application
117703 Manual start mode of the flow
117741 Override configuration properties warning dialog is not showing with Application
APAR IV12876 The attribute MQMDAAAOPTIONS is not set correctly with regional settings
117768 WMBT800 BAR files not marked for rebuild
APAR IC82394 Message flow in application with HL7 input node fail to build in the BAR
APAR IC80864 Flow build mechanism includes JAR files when Java project is not selected
APAR IC84114 Library resources in folders with '.' are not added to BAR
APAR IC86411 Wrong JAR file is added when referenced by the map from library
APAR IC86996, IC87019 Message flow and subflow failed to deploy in Japanese environment
APAR IC89793 The promoted configurable property default value is in CMF
APAR IC89565 The BAR compilation fails for libraries that contain unknown file types without an extension
APAR IC89635 Cannot deselect previously built message sets after migrating to application or library
APAR IC89660 SOAPInput node initial context factory displays incorrect value
APAR IC90229 Promoted property without default node value fails to compile
APAR IC90383 ESQL file from the library is added twice to the BAR file
APAR IC91047 The library in the BAR file does not contain subflows promoted ESQL module name
APAR IC91915 Flows using .msgflow subflows that contain input nodes are missing from the BAR file
APAR IC92169 Issue with promoted property node compiled on subflow node
APAR IC92214 Message flow and subflow version do not show in the BAR file
APAR IC92621 Java library should not be deployed as independent resource
APAR IC92874 Submaps and ESQL referenced by a map are not added to BAR
APAR IC93278 ESQL schema variable not recognized for compiled in-line option in BAR
APAR IC94304 Extra schema added to PATH statement when BAR compiled in IN CMF
APAR IC98040 BAR build for the JAVA libraries causes stack overflow error
APAR IC98462 BAR editor displays ReplyTo queue value incorrectly

10. Graphical Data Mapper
117618 Inconsistent text in Message Model wizard description
117621 Incorrect insert while moving maps
117647 New Map wizard clean up and default domain
117691 Cannot set SOAP domain when mapping SOAP_Domain_msg in XSD
117695 Do not show output domain in pop-up for input assembly
APAR IC76981 JMS destination list queue/topic metadata
APAR IC86379 WebSphere Message Broker V8 Toolkit, map using database gets error in some languages
APAR IC90021 WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit 7.0 runtime exception 2949 when map calls specific XPath function
APAR IC91085 Converting message maps to graphical data maps in toolkit produces maps with invalid transform and input/output errors
APAR IC90814 GDM Editor creates map select transform Where clauses with namespaced elements that can fail in runtime
APAR IC91188 MAP shows no error when cast item is unavailable
APAR IC92156 Null pointer exception when converting .msgmap to .map
APAR IC92618 The plugin was not included in the V8002 install image
APAR IC92655 Check optional input present for custom ESQL transform
APAR IC92689 Msgmap converter does not support abstract submap input/output
APAR IC92881 Local environment schema missing elements in ServiceRegistry
APAR IC93539 Unexpected condition on converted customer ESQL transform
APAR IC93651 .msgmap to .map conversion can fail with a ClassCastException
APAR IC94567 Unexpected function "SPATH" in mapping expression
APAR IC95885 XSI:NIL="TRUE" lost in mapping element with text content
APAR IC95751 Condition on msgmap converted custom ESQL transform
APAR IC94932 Error in msgmap converted map on header mappings
APAR IC96436 Converted map has unconnected transform with cast item
APAR IC96383 Converted map produces different output from msgmap
APAR IC97710 Map generates incorrect ESQL in source target submap
APAR IC98457 Allow user to include additional MXSD in map
APAR IC98779 Custom XSLT not available in GDM map
APAR IC99472 Inconsistent documentation generation for V8 maps
APAR IC99701 Graphical Data Mapper error if schema file path contains space

11. Message model
117625 CTDX1101W on WSDL import
117631 Import of POC WSDL is not error free and builder throws NPE
117689 FpML XSD gives choice validation errors
117763 On import validate schema using "Honor all schema locations"
APAR IC80419 Generated deployable WSDL from message definition not stored in target namespace and format incorrect
APAR IC81025 WSDL importer not creating all of the schema definitions and no message model project
APAR IC81816 WSDL schema import errors with WSDLs having inline schemas
APAR IC81850 WSDL selection window is not showing imported WSDLs within toolkit wizard
APAR IC81804 Create message model from WSDL fails
APAR IC82791 Importing WSDL from Quick Start results in errors
APAR IC83920 Importing WSDL on Linux gets null pointer exception
APAR IC84746 Generate XML schemas allow finish to be pressed multiple times
APAR IC84380 Java.lang.NullPointerException when import WSDL after upgrading WebSphere Message Broker toolkit
APAR IC85579 XML Schema files with upper-cased extensions were not being loaded properly
APAR IC86040 Cannot create message definition file in existing message set
APAR IC86043 XML Schema with '.' in included locations can cause build to hang
APAR IC86170 Imported soapenc.xsd conflict with soapenc11.xsd
APAR IC86243 Message set fails to deploy due to the wrong import statement
APAR IC86355 The WSDL validator does not resolve the Linux location correctly
APAR IC86428 Problem with packed numeric field
APAR IC86718 Validation message was treated as an error that can cause BAR creation to fail
APAR IC86967 Some wizards and editors always appear in English
APAR IC87107 XSD files in message set projects are flagged as duplicates
APAR IC87139 Use IBM defined SOAPENV11.XSD instead of customer one
APAR IC87256 mqsicreatemsgdefsfromwsdl command adds MRM domain to message set
APAR IC87289 mqsicreatemsgdefsfromwsdl command closes message set project
APAR IC88892 Update supplied SOAPENV11.XSD to the latest level W3C standard
APAR IC87363 Fix pattern validation to be consistent with XML Schema specification
APAR IC89159 Deployable WSDL annotation missing WSDL prefix
APAR IC89827 MXSD file generated from .dbm file is placed in wrong location
APAR IC90857 WSDL file with unresolved WSDL IMPORT fails to load
APAR IC90885 NullpointerException when imported WSDL has the same file name as the imported XSD schema
APAR IC91030 Problem export XSD definitions from application or library
APAR IC91014 WSDL import wizard generates an empty XSD file that is not needed
APAR IC91533 Failed to export WSDL into single WSDL with inlined schema
APAR IC92321 SOAPENC11.XSD import is not added to WSDL file
APAR IC92472 ElementFormDefault attribute is not set in exported WSDL schema
APAR IC92663 WMB V8.0 Toolkit: WSDL export generates incorrect inline schema
APAR IC93520 Complex type is wrapper in externalized inline schema
APAR IC94222 Long initial build time when mxsds include chameleon namespaces
APAR IC94716 Creation of message definition files from SCA fails
APAR IC96504 Invalid type restriction errors on message definition files
APAR IC96178 $ROOT/MRM/ XPATH validated against wrong message
APAR IC96544 An import without schema location is added after changing type
APAR IC96721 Schema Qname is not generated correctly
APAR IC96777 Complex type is not resolved correctly after WSDL importing
APAR IC97718 Long initial build of MXSDs that contain element reference
APAR IC97865 Anonymous simple type is not handled correctly in XSD:UNION
APAR IC97894 Duplicated xml.xsd file after import projects created in older releases of the product

12. Brokers view/Broker runtime
APAR IC80461 Broker runtime tree always fully expanded. Need one click to collapse tree to EG only view
APAR IC80052 To make the CMP timeout configuration option in the preferences
APAR IC89201 Deploy dialog generates refresh error even after closing
APAR IC89373 Broker view hangs when refreshing a remote broker
APAR IC90000 WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit V8 Deployment log view is not refreshed automatically
APAR IC91563 The keywords are not displayed in the toolkit broker runtime view
APAR IC93294 Brokers view hangs when stopping an unauthorized flow

13. Monitoring
APAR IC84699 Export application monitoring information creates empty zip
APAR IC97680 Validation error on duplicate XSDs within application or library

14. Test Client
APAR IC81695 Hexadecimal viewer in test client does not render binary data properly

15. Debugger
APAR IC99812 BLOB value is not shown if the value is too long during flow debugging


You must have installed IBM WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit Version and IBM Installation Manager Version 1.4.3 (or later) before downloading and applying this interim fix.

For information about Installation Manager Version 1.4.3, click the "IM 1.4.3 IBM Knowledge Center" link in the following table. To download the compressed file for local installation of Installation Manager, click the "Installation Manager 1.4.3 Release and download" link.

[{"PRLabel":"IM 1.4.3 IBM Knowledge Center","PRLang":"English","PRSize":"999","PRPlat":{"label":"Windows","code":"PF033"},"PRURL":""},{"PRLabel":"Installation Manager 1.4.3 Release and download","PRLang":"English","PRSize":"999","PRPlat":{"label":"Windows","code":"PF033"},"PRURL":""}]

Installation Instructions

To install the WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit fix pack, complete the following steps:

1. Download the fix pack from the link

2. Extract the contents of the downloaded zip file into a new local directory

3. Ensure that no Rational products are running, including the WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit

4. Ensure that you have Installation Manager Version 1.4.3 or above installed

5. For more information about installing a fix pack, click the "Installation instructions" link in the following table:

[{"INLabel":"Installation instructions","INLang":"English","INSize":"999","INURL":""}]
[{"DNLabel":"Windows 32 & 64 bit","DNDate":"31 Mar 2014","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"711817313","DNPlat":{"label":"Windows","code":"PF033"},"DNURL":",+x86&function=all&useReleaseAsTarget=true","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":" "},{"DNLabel":"Linux x86-32 & x86-64","DNDate":"31 Mar 2014","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"711817313","DNPlat":{"label":"Linux","code":"PF016"},"DNURL":",x86&function=all&useReleaseAsTarget=true","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":" "}]
[{"Product":{"code":"SSKM8N","label":"WebSphere Message Broker"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud \u0026 Data Platform"},"Component":"Maintenance","Platform":[{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"8.0;;;;","Edition":"All Editions","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB36","label":"IBM Automation"}}]

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Problems (APARS) fixed
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