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IBM Installation Manager Fix Pack Installation Instructions for WebSphere Application Server

After applying the WebSphere Application Server Group PTF, there are additional steps required to complete the fix pack installation for IBM Installation Manager. Refer to individual versions for more detail.

Summary terms

Throughout these instructions, you must replace the following:

Tip: From a QShell session, issue the following IM imcl command to determine the current IM internal version:


Compare the current IM internal version to each <im_fixpack_version> directory name, using the definition of <im_fixpack_version> above, and determine if any of the available IM fix packs are newer then the current IM internal version. If the current IM internal version is earlier than the latest IM fix pack, then install that fix pack using the instructions below. Otherwise, do not attempt to install the IM fix pack.

Note: Installation Manager versions are released as both fix packs and installer packages. However, both fix pack and installer packages can be used to update the Installation Manager. Even though the instructions provided below refer to installing the fix pack, it is actually the installer package that is provided in <im_fixpack_location>. IM installer packages are much smaller than fix pack packages since a fix pack package can be used to update IM on all supported platforms while an installer package can only be used to install or update IM on a single platform.

Summary installing a fix pack

To install the fix pack, perform the following actions:

  1. Sign on to IBM i with a user profile that has *ALLOBJ and *SECADM special authorities.
  2. Before installing the IM fix pack, read the release notes in the <im_fixpack_readme> file.
  3. Enter QShell and CD to the fixpack directory of the latest <im_fixpack_version>.
  4. Make sure that the umask is set to 022.
  5. Issue the following IM command to install the fix pack ./installc -acceptLicense -log

Note: <im_fixpack_location> directories are not managed by WebSphere or IBM Installation Manager. When an IM fix pack is no longer needed, the system administrator can delete the corresponding <im_fixpack_location> directory and all of its contents.

Next steps

After updating the Installation Manager, install the appropriate version fix pack for WebSphere Application Server.

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03 May 2021