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WebSphere Application Server Performance Tuning Toolkit

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The WebSphere Application Server Performance Tuning Toolkit (PTT) is an Eclipse-based GUI tool to access live WebSphere Application Server traditional Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI) data. The tool is provided as is without any warranty or support.


  1. Ensure Java 11 is on your PATH; for example, IBM Semeru Java 11.
  2. Download Performance Tuning Toolkit (PTT):
    1. Windows x86 64-bit
    2. macOS x86 64-bit
    3. macOS ARMv8/AArch 64-bit
    4. Linux x86 64-bit
    5. Linux ARMv8/AArch 64-bit
    6. Linux POWER/ppc64le 64-bit
  3. For macOS, before extracting, open Terminal and run:
    xattr -d*
  4. Start PTT by double-clicking on ptt.exe/ptt/
  5. Click add a new host and provide the details of the deployment manager or application server, including its SOAP port.
  6. Select the host and click connect to selected host.
  7. Click yes to monitor all servers.
  8. In the topology view, click the target server and click open monitor page.
  9. The PMI data will update live, approximately every 60 seconds or so.

Additional Information

Important Notes
  1. PTT is provided as is without any warranty or support.
  2. Note that tuning assistance is not in the scope of IBM support. If you need tuning assistance, please contact your IBM account representative to set up a paid services engagement with a skilled performance tuning resource.
Revision History
  • V1.0.20220706
    • Increase default height of host dialog and allow resizing
  • V1.0.20220705
    • Upgrade to Eclipse 2022-06
    • Upgrade all dependency JARs
    • Require Java 11
    • Allow same host name with different port
  • V1.0.20211213
    • Remove log4jV1
  • Full history available in RevisionHistory.txt
If you have a problem, perform the following steps to gather diagnostics:
  1. On Windows, copy ptt.ini to eclipse.ini and edit eclipse.ini. On Linux, edit ptt.ini. On macOS, edit
    1. Change the following line:


      To this:

    2. Change the following line:

      To this:
  2. Edit TraceSettings.txt (on macOS,
    1. Change the following line:


      To this:

  3. Open a command prompt or terminal and start PTT as follows:

    C:\Users\name\> cd Downloads\PTT
    C:\Users\name\Downloads\PTT> .\eclipsec.exe -debug -consoleLog > ptttrace.log 2>&1

    % cd Downloads/PTT/
    % ./ptt -debug -consoleLog > ptttrace.log 2>&1

    $ cd Downloads/PTT
    $ ./ptt -debug -consoleLog > ptttrace.log 2>&1
  4. Reproduce the problem and close PTT
  5. Send ptttrace.log and adminclient.log (on macOS, the files are in ./
Known Issues
  1. To connect using TLS 1.2, follow the instructions for configuring administrative clients: PTT dynamically generates files in a directory under the installation folder after the first connection is attempted. For example: configuration/org.eclipse.osgi/bundles/5/1/.cp/etc/. The TLSv1.2 changes are only needed in the ssl.client.props file.

These downloads are provided as is without any warranty or support. For any issues, contact Kevin Grigorenko ([email protected]) and we'll try to resolve any issues as time permits.

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10 April 2023