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Webcast replay: Using IBM HeapAnalyzer to diagnose Java heap issues



This WebSphere Support Technical Exchange conducted on 22 September 2005, presented by Jinwoo Hwang is designed to help educate users on how to diagnose a variety of Java™ heap leak problems with the IBM HeapAnalyzer.


The Java Virtual Machine generates a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError when the heap is exhausted or it cannot find space for object allocation. This session helps diagnose a variety of Java heap leak related problems with IBM HeapAnalyzer. It also will explain how Java heap dumps are constructed.

The Java Virtual Machine throws a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError when the heap is exhausted or it cannot find space for object allocation. This session helps diagnose variety of types of Java heap leak related problems with IBM® HeapAnalyzer and understand how Java heap dumps are constructed.

To replay this 76 minute exchange, open the PDF and MP3 files below.

Presenter background
Jinwoo Hwang is an advisory software engineer and a technical leader within the WebSphere Application Server Technical Support team, based in Research Triangle Park, N.C. He joined IBM in 1995 and worked with IBM Global Learning Services, IBM Consulting Services, and development, prior to joining WebSphere Application Server Technical Support. Mr. Hwang is an IBM Certified Solution Developer as well as a SUN Certified Programmer for The Java 2 platform.

He is the architect and developer of the following tools:

He is also the author of the book C Programming for Novices (Yonam Press,1995).

Presentation (in PDF format):

Audio (in MP3 format): (Download audio)

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