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Watch programs stopped working



Watch programs used to trigger when an event was encountered.  They have stopped recently.

Resolving The Problem

If the watch programs used to trigger and have stopped recently, it could be that the watch event space has become corrupted.

Please follow these steps to do a cleanup of the watch space:            
- Verify that Service Monitor is not active:                             
DSPSYSVAL SYSVAL(QSFWERRLOG)                                            
- If the system value is set to *LOG, then change it to *NOLOG  using :   
CHGSYSVAL SYSVAL(QSFWERRLOG) VALUE(*NOLOG)                            
- Verify that no watch sessions are active:                              
Use WRKWCH WCH(*ALL) and select option 2 to end each active watch session    - give the CHGSYSVAL option above a few minutes to try  and shut the watches down normally before doing a 2.                    
- Verify that the watch jobs are not active:                             
 Use WRKACTJOB SBS(QUSRWRK) JOB(QSC*)                                    
- If you see any QSCWCHMS, QSCLICEV, QSCWCHPS or a job whose job name is the same as a watch session id, end the job as follow:                  
 Select Option 4 to End and Press F4 to prompt.  Use *IMMED instead of *CNTRLD in the How to end (OPTION) parameter.                                   
- Do DSPMSG QSYSOPR to see a message indicating the ENDPJ completed      
- Use CALL PGM(QSYS/QSCWCLNP) and wait a minute for this to run          
- Use STRPJ SBS(QUSRWRK) PGM(QSCWCHPS)                                   
- If QSFWERRLOG system value was changed to *NOLOG, change it back to *LOG using:                                                             
 CHGSYSVAL SYSVAL(QSFWERRLOG) VALUE(*LOG)                                
If you ran the above steps and restarted your watch and it still isn't triggering, collect the below data and contact support:

- DMPSYSOBJ OBJ(QSCMSGIX) CONTEXT(QSYS)                                  
- Collect any joblogs for jobs QSCWCHPS, QSCLICEV, or QSCWCHMS

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Modified date:
18 December 2019