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Vmfolder keyword syntax examples



The vmfolder keyword can be specified with the domain.vmfile or domain.vmfull options to specify which virtual machines to include in the backup. This document provides syntax examples for nested folders and folder names that include spaces.


Tivoli Storage Manager client and VMware Virtual Center

Resolving The Problem

The vmfolder keyword can be used with the domain.vmfull and domain.vmfile processing options. When you use the vmfolder keyword with one of these options, the client can process all virtual machines that are defined to the Virtual Center, in the VMware folder specified by the vmfolder keyword. When new virtual machines are added to the named folder, the new virtual machines are automatically included in the operation.

Virtual machines can be organized into folders in the VMware Virtual Center. Folder names in the Virtual Center can include spaces, and folders can be nested.

When you use the vmfolder keyword, remember these tips:

  • To specify a folder that includes a space in its name, do not surround the folder name in single or double quotes.
  • To specify a folder that is nested within another folder, specify only the last folder name.
  • To specify multiple folders, separate the names with commas.


1) Full VM backup of all virtual machines that are defined to folders "Dept ABC" and "Operations".
Correct examples:
    domain.vmfull vmfolder=Dept ABC,Operations
    domain.vmfull vmfolder=Operations,Dept ABC
Incorrect example:
    domain.vmfull vmfolder=Operations,"Dept ABC"

2) File-level VM backup of all virtual machines defined to folder "CenterA", which is nested under the "Production" folder (the folder structure is Production/CenterA).
    domain.vmfile vmfolder=CenterA

For further information, see the Domain.vmfile and Domain.vmfull options in the IBM Storage Protect Information Center.

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