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VisualAge C++ for OS/2 V3.0 Fix Pack 8 -- US English



The list of fixes which make up the Fix Pack 8 for VisualAge C++ 3.0 for OS/2 US English.

Download Description

The Fix Pack is broken down into a several components to help simplify its distribution. The fixes are cumulative within each component, thus you need only apply the latest one for each component.

The Fix Pack uses the following naming convention:

-- The first two characters are always CT.
- The next character indicates the component:
C - Compiler (i.e. C/C++ compilers, ILINK, ILIB)
D - Documentation
O - Open Class Libraries
S - Open Class source code (a separate product)
U - Utilities (i.e. debugger, browser, performance analyzer)
V - Visual Tools (i.e. Visual Builder, Data Access Builder)
W - WorkFrame
-- The next two characters are the version number of the product.
-- The last character is the level of the Fix Pack.

For example, CTC301 is the first compiler Fix Pack for VisualAge C++ Version 3, CTC302 is the second compiler Fix Pack. CTV301 is the first visual tools Fix Pack, etc.

Each ZIP file contains a file which contains information specific to that particular component. It is strongly recommended that you read those files before installation. Also, there is an LST file within each ZIP file. LST files contain the list of fixes that went into the corresponding component.

The order of applying Fix Pack components:
1. reboot
2. CTC308 *
3. CTO308
4. CTW308
5. reboot
6. CTV308
7. CTD308 *
8. CTU308
9. reboot
10. If you have the OpenClass source code, apply CTS308 at any time.

POST-FP8-1 and POST-FP8-2
After applying Fix Pack 8 you should install post-FixPak 8 OpenClass fixes POST-FP8-1 and POST-FP8-2. You must apply CTO308 prior to installing these two fixes. The installation process consists of copying files over from ZIP to their respective directories as soon as you backup the original files (CTO308) from those directories. No other changes are required. Both files contain readme.txt with the list of fixes.

If you wish to have the support for Euro currency symbol you should install EUROFIX. The prerequisite for this fix is CTC308. Download the fix, unzip, and refer to readme.txt for installation instructions.



Installation Instructions

See above.


Technical Support

As detailed in the C and C++ Compilers on OS/2 and Windows Withdrawal Announcement 901-013 dated January 23, 2001, the following C and C++ compilers went out of service on September 28, 2001:

VisualAge C++ for OS/2, V3.0
VisualAge for C++ for Windows (TM), V3.5
C and C++ Compilers for OS/2, AIX and for Windows NT, V3.6
VisualAge C++ Professional for OS/2 and Windows NT, V4.0

There is no replacement program for these compilers, as these products have been stabilized. There are no Fix Packs in plan, nor will new documentation (eg. FAQs) be created. This document is provided "as is" since these compilers are no longer supported.

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