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Visual Studio Add-Ins: Pop-up message during the silent install by issetup



A silent installation (response file) of IBM Database Add-Ins for Visual Studio may be interrupted by a pop-up message.


A silent installation (response file) of IBM Database Add-Ins for Visual Studio when a supported version of Visual Studio is installed may be interrupted by pop-up error DBI20056I.


Windows with supported version of Visual Studio product installed

Diagnosing The Problem

You have a supported version of Visual Studio installed (Microsoft® Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008, or Visual Studio 2010) and are performing a silent install of the Visual Studio Add-ins using a response file in this fashion:

    issetup.exe /w /v"/qn RSP_FILE_PATH=C:\Temp\DB2_Addi\db2vsai_10.1.rsp /l C:\db2log\logs\VSAddIn_v10_1_300.log" /s

and this pop-message might be displayed:

    "DBI20056I Install of "IBM Database Add-Ins for Visual Studio" cannot start because Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010, or Visual Studio 2012 is not installed."

and after click on "OK" , the install continues successfully.

The above pop-up does not occur if the GUI is used (setup.exe)

Resolving The Problem

Use msiexec for the silent installation:

    msiexec /i "C:\VSAI\db2\Windows\IBM Database Add-Ins for Visual Studio.msi" RSP_FILE_PATH="c:\VSAI\db2vsai.rsp" SILENT_MODE="ON/qn

where db2vsai.rsp contains :

    FILE = C:\Program Files\IBM\IBM Database Add-Ins for Visual Studio

If above technote did not help you to resolve the problem please open a Problem Management Record (PMR) with IBM DB2 support team by calling 1-800-IBM-SERV (1-800-426-7378) or open PMR using Service Request Tool:

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16 June 2018