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Very slow launching of Controller client (or client does not start correctly at all) caused by client device's Internet Explorer trying to autodetect proxy server



User launches Controller client. It takes a long time to launch. Alternatively, the client may not even eventually appear. This behaviour may appear to be intermittent (for example it works approximately 1 time in 5).




There are many potential causes for slow performance during client launching/logon.

  • TIP: See separate IBM Technote #1367308 for more examples.

This Technote specifically relates to the scenario where the cause is that the client device's Internet Explorer is configured to autodetect the proxy server, but the network does not allow this process to occur quickly.

In other words:
  • Internet Explorer is attempting to autodetect the proxy server value
  • It needs to finish this process before it can begin HTTP communication.
  • This causes delays in Controller client <=> server communication.


Internet Explorer option 'Automatically detect settings' is enabled:

In most environments, this will not cause much of a delay.

  • However, if the PC/Terminal Server is located inside a special network area (for example a DMZ) where there is no device (for example a DHCP server or domain controller) which can allocate proxy server information, then this process will hang until the timeout period occurs.

Diagnosing The Problem

Launch Microsoft Internet Explorer while logged on as the 'bad' user.

  • Is there a long delay, with the message 'Detecting Proxy Settings...' at the lower-left corner of Internet Explorer?

Resolving The Problem

Configure the client device to not automatically detect the proxy settings.

If the end user has access to Internet Explorer, then they can:

  1. Click 'Tools - Internet Options'
  2. Click tab 'Connections'
  3. Click 'LAN Settings'
  4. Untick the box 'Automatically detect settings'.

If the end user does not have access to their Internet Explorer settings (which is usual if Controller is deployed via Citrix/Terminal Server) then the I.T. department's Citrix/Terminal server administrator must configure this settings (for example via a policy or script).

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15 June 2018