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Versioned object base is not on local host



This technote explains why the error []Versioned object base is not on local host[] might occur while reformatting an IBM® Rational® ClearCase® VOB whose storage resides on a NAS server.


Attempts to perform a cleartool reformatvob where the VOB storage resides on a NAS Filer results in the following error:

% cleartool reformatvob /vobs/nasvobstg/NAS.vbs
cleartool: Error: Versioned object base is not on local host.


The cause of this error relates to improper reformatvob syntax. The reformatvob command is run from the VOB server; however, the VOB is stored on a different host (NAS server); thus the error reports correctly that the VOB is not on the local host.

Resolving The Problem

The proper way to run the reformatvob command for a VOB that is stored on a NAS server is to use the -host and -hpath options with the reformatvob command.

Usage: reformatvob [-dump | -load] [-rm] [-force]
[-host hostname -hpath host-stg-pname]

For example:

cleartool reformatvob -host <host name> -hpath <Host Local Path> vob-storage-pname

% cleartool reformatvob -host vobsrv1 -hpath /net/nasdevice/vobs/nasvobstg/NAS.vbs /net/nasdevice/vobs/nasvobstg/NAS.vbs

For more information on cleartool reformatvob, run cleartool man refortmatvob., or refer to the IBM Rational ClearCase Command Reference.

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29 September 2018