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Version 7.5 Report Development Guide

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How do I develop reports in Version7.5?


To respond to today’s dynamic Business Environment critical business information needs to be immediately available. This business information can come in a variety of formats, and is often required as a report – either a formatted business report, known as an Enterprise report, or an Ad Hoc report which is created on the fly by users.

IBM Maximo ® includes an Open Reporting Architecture, which enables you a number of different reporting options to choose from. The report options have been significantly enhanced in Maximo 7.5 and include a wide range of reporting tools.

The embedded reporting tool in the Maximo 7.5 Releases is BIRT, Business Intelligence and Reporting. As the embedded reporting tool, it enables the deepest levels of integrations throughout the various Maximo applications.

This guide details the processes in developing reports using the BIRT Report Designer. This includes how report designs are utilized in V7.5, including their file structure of design, library and property files. Additionally, information on customizing, importing, and exporting are discussed.

Also, references to other support documentation detailing common report development customizations, including report logging, implementing barcodes and changing report logos are referenced.

*Note: This document applies only to the embedded report tool in the Maximo® Base Services 7.5 Releases. For details on V7.1 report documentation, reference this link

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