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Version 7.5 Maximo TCR INDIRECT Cognos Integration Installation Instructions

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How do I install and configure Maximo Version 7.5 to utilize Cognos Reporting?


Within the Maximo® Base Services 7.5 Releases, an integration to IBM Cognos ® Reporting Version 8.4.1 is enabled. This integration extends the current suite of reporting tools that Maximo enables.

This document details the installation steps required for the integration, the synchronization of the security groups, enabling of Maximo based Object structures to be published as Cognos metadata packages, and creation of Cognos Namespaces.

*NOTE: You can enable the Maximo Cognos Integration in two different ways - either through your existing license of Cognos Reporting, or through your utilization of Tivoli Common Reporting. If you utilize your own license of Cognos, without TCR, it is referred to as a Direct Integration. If you use Cognos thru TCR, it is referred to as an Indirect, or TCR integration.

This document is specific to the INDIRECT TCR Integration. For details on the Indirect integration, reference the document titled 'Version 7.5 Maximo DIRECT Cognos Integration Installation Instructions' available here

For all versions of this guide, reference this page
For more details on other reporting features, access the Maximo Report Wiki Pages available here

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17 June 2018