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Version 7.1 Maximo Cognos Integration

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What functionality and features are available with the Maximo Cognos Reporting Integration?


Beginning with Maximo® Base Services Release, a Cognos Reporting Integration is enabled. This integration extends the current suite of reporting tools that Maximo enables into a deeper level of Strategic Reporting.

The Maximo Cognos Integration uses the Cognos Reporting Products of Developers Studio, Query Studio, Cognos Connection and Framework Manager Products. It does not utilize the Cognos Analytics Products of Transformer, Analysis Studio, Event Studio and Metric Studio.

The Maximo Cognos integration will enable Maximo Clients to further analyze all the powerful Maximo data that exists so they can make the best business decisions possible for their unique business environments. It enables users to see the Cognos Report from within the Maximo Applications, and display the Cognos Report within the Cognos Portal via a silent log-in.

This integration also enables the automatic creation of a metadata layer. The metadata layer is used by developers to create Enterprise or Ad Hoc Reports. It consists of pre-joined tables, so developers can quickly and consistently develop reports versus the traditional method of creating complex sql statements for each individual report.

To enable the metadata layer in the Maximo Cognos Integration, Cognos packages will be based off of the Maximo Applications, like Assets, Work Order or Job Plans. These packages will be created from within the Maximo Object Structure Application, and published to Cognos Content Store thru Framework API’s.

By utilizing the Maximo Object Structure Application, a client’s object customizations can be incorporated. This is a key design point as the vast majority of our clients extend the Maximo database. Therefore, their unique database customizations will be picked up dynamically – so clients do not have to expend significant time and efforts in determining individual table relationships needed for package creation.

This document will describe the integration, including its security and how it is enabled, the metadata layer enablement and how to create Cognos Reports to execute from within the Maximo Framework.

For versions of this guide for Release 7.5, or for the Maximo Cognos Installation Guides, reference this page:

For more details on other reporting features, access the Maximo Report Wiki Pages available here

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