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VA71: WebSphere Business Events - Analysis Tool



Analysis Tool for WebSphere Business Events (WBE) Applications.

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The SupportPac is useful for Business Event Processing (BEP) applications development with WebSphere Business Events, providing an insight into a set of definitions through visualization and verification of the logical integrity using static and dynamic analysis.

Similar to other software applications, event processing application development is an evolutional process. Modifications and extensions to existing definitions are very common, thus requiring continuous validation and verification against project specifications.

While small applications are relatively easy to maintain, modifying and extending larger applications with tens and hundreds of assets may be laborious and error-prone. One may wonder how a proposed change affects other application artefacts and whether the application logic is preserved. The static analysis module is designed for application build-time phase, while the dynamic analysis module is designed for application validation and debug during run-time.

Possible Uses
The static analysis module offers a set of observations on top of the event processing application graph – dead-ends detection, cycles detection, asset consequences and provenance, thus providing a user a better understanding of the entire application logic and the ability to change interactions with confidence.

The dynamic analysis module offers two observations basing on a given scenario execution – interaction in context and rules coverage. The first one details all given interaction evaluations in a certain context, while the second one highlights all the application artefacts (events, actions, interaction blocks), covered by a specific scenario.

Author: Ella Rabinovich, HRL, Israel. Email:
Category: 2
Released: 11Mar10
Current SupportPac Version: 1.0
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WebSphere Business Events 7.0 installation.
DB2 (the same instance WebSphere Business Events is installed with).
Derby, Oracle and SQL Server may be supported in an update.
Linux OS may be supported in an update as well.

Dynamic analysis module requires WebSphere Business Events running with history mode enabled.

Installation Instructions

No installation is required for this SupportPac. Please follow the "Getting Started" section in the user guide to activate the SupportPac.

A user guide with step-by-step tutorial is available as part of the download package (AnalysisToolUserGuide.pdf).

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